To build individual relationships with our customers, that is reliable in both quality and communication. A wide range with the Select range aimed at haute couture, fast delivery times of only a few days to assist in urgent situations or everyday processing at the lowest price, all are welcome.

Curtain Studio van der Lelie is a traditional family business, characterised by passion for what we do and loyalty to the people we work with. Our team are working daily on the processing of a wide variety of submitted materials. Our conscious choice not to offer our own fabric collection but to fully focus on collections keeps us clearly focussed and constantly provides us with new experiences.

Working method

Registration. As soon as we receive a shipment it is registered on arrival. Expected shipments are processed as an order, unexpected shipments are recorded and placed in supplies.

Planning. The combination of two fully operational workshops in the Netherlands and in Romania makes us flexible in delivery times. Romania provides the basis for our daily routine, the Netherlands is designed to deal with unexpected orders. Repair, urgent and specialist work is carried out in the Netherlands.

Fabric controls. Prior to cutting the fabrics, they are checked for flaws and quantity. Only after confirmation that the fabric is flawless and that there is enough to complete the order, will the fabric be cut.

Custom-made. After the preparation stage, production truly starts. Every fabric section gets its own product label including a barcode. For instance, for a lined set of curtains, the left section, the right section, the left section lining and the right section lining all get their own label. Every section of the production is scanned, one of our employees checks how the order needs to be done and the customer can find out what stage their order is at.

Pleats and labels. The curtains are pleated by special pleating machines, which keep the pleating distances and depths constant. Washing and/or spacing labels are not printed or sewn in until this stage is reached which guarantees correct labelling of the curtains.

Post-checks. Every curtain is checked for length, width and stitching when lying flat. Folding blinds are checked while hanging during their assembly. Random checks are done to ensure overall quality. For curtains a deviation of 5 mm in length and 2 cm per metre in width is acceptable, for folding blinds we factor in a margin of 5 mm on both width and length.

Packaging. Our curtains are packed on hangers and seal-wrapped in plastic, folding blinds are packed in protective film and then in boxes. Every pack is labelled with information such as destination details, their number in a series, sizes, and in pleated curtains, the number of pleats. Information relates to the production teams.

Deliveries. Daily company owned transport between the Netherlands and Romania and good cooperation with Distriservice for finely meshed delivery systems in the Netherlands and Belgium, provides enough flexibility to deliver both large orders as well as single curtains correctly and on time.